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UK Football

There are many incredible opportunities these days for Australian punters to place wagers on popular UK football games and tournaments. In the past it would often be quite difficult for Aussie punters to stay up to date and place wagers on all of the major events happening within the UK football world. However, the introduction of all of the great online wagering venues and bookmakers has made it unbelievably easy for all Australians to place wagers and stay up to date with their favourite UK football matches.

Live UK Football Online

Nowadays, the ability for Australians to watch and place wagers on UK football is incredibly easy and accessible. Many Aussie punters and football fans have been watching live football through various online formats as well as placing wagers on the games they are watching. They are able to get live updates, odds, stats, and insider information surrounding a ton of UK football events such as the popular Premier League action as well as smaller events such as the FA Cup and Carling Cup. There are also a number of great opportunities for Aussie punters to place bets on Scottish Premier League matches as well. There have been thousands of Australian fans and punters taking advantage of these great opportunities and many have been walking away with huge payouts.

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The UK Football League Cup

One of the most popular UK football events that attract Aussie fans and punters is the Football League Cup, which is also often referred to as the Carling Cup or simply the League Cup. This legendary English tournament is played among 92 of the best teams including 20 clubs from the FA Premier League, as well as 72 clubs from The Football League. This popular competition always provides excellent odds online and due to this has understandably attracted an incredible number of Aussie punters.

While most Aussies nowadays know the competition as the UK Football League Cup, it has actually had many different names over the years due to several different sponsorships. From 1981 to 1986 it was known as the Milk Cup, from 1986 to 1990 it was known as the Littlewoods Challenge Cup, and from 1990 to 1992 it was known as the Rumbelows Cup. The competition was named the Coca-Cola Cup in 1992 and kept that name until 1998 when it changed to the Worthington Cup. Finally in 2003 it would be officially given its current name of the Carling Cup when Carling sponsored the event. However in order for fans to have one name to refer to the cup as, traditionally most fans and punters have referred to it simply as the UK Football League Cup.

The FA Cup

Another extremely popular UK Football event among Aussie punters is the FA Cup or The Football Association Challenge Cup. This English competition has a long history having been first held in 1871 and is officially the oldest association football tournament in history. This is the reason that it is such as popular UK football event among so many avid fans and punters. The current champion is Chelsea from the Premier League who won the 2009 FA Cup final against Everton. With al of the great online wagering venues providing odds and betting options for popular UK football events such as the FA Cup, there so many Aussie punters and football enthusiasts jumping online to win big.

The Conference League Cup

One event within the world of UK football that never has a hard time attracting loyal Aussie punters is the Conference League Cup. This event is also commonly referred to as the Setanta Shield due to recent sponsorship. This English competition has been around since the first season of the Football Conference in 1979. Although this legendary event would attract record numbers of fans and punters for twenty-two seasons, the competition would eventually come to a halt in the 2000-01 season. However, the incredible amount of fans and punters worldwide that love this event wouldn’t let it end there as the competition would continue in the 2004-05 season. At this point the competition would become known as the Conference Challenge Cup. While this reintroduction of the event didn’t attract as many fans and punters as expected, the competition was again held in 2007-08 and received much appreciation with record numbers of punters placing wagers online. This is the reason that online bookmakers providing odds for UK football events are expecting the 2009-10 season’s Conference League Cup to be the biggest yet with heavyweight broadcasters Setanta ceasing control of broadcasting the event. The good news is that so many great online bookmakers have been making the process of placing wagers on great UK football events such as the Conference League Cup as easily as you could possibly imagine.


The tremendously innovative wagering systems online that are now providing UK football betting action to Aussie punters have truly leveled the playing fields. Many Australians in the past felt like they were less likely to be able to follow UK football and accurately place wagers. However, online bookmakers are now providing stats, odds, and insider information surrounding all of the most current and popular UK football tournaments from the FA Cup to the UK Football League Cup. With a ton of new betting options, promotions, and other benefits when compared to traditional wagering venues, Aussie punters have been overwhelming these great online bookmakers in recent years.

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